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Goodbye summer

So this is my last day of summer, seeing as I return to work on Monday. It definitely feels like August went by way too fast. Regardless, I’m really excited that soon we’ll be entering into fall and winter. I’m ready to break out the Northface and my windbreaker :)

This summer was so great. My boyfriend and I went on a trip to OC, the crab feast, and more. Some great games came out -including Diablo III and The Last of Us Remastered. This was also our first summer in our home, and I’m excited for upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) that we’ll be celebrating for the first time in our own place. Hopefully our cats won’t want to tackle the Christmas tree (but don’t bet on it.)

This month I also released my third book, Thicker Than Blood. I can’t believe it’s almost been out for an entire month. I’ve already started working on the next book in the series, Bloodline Inheritance.

So goodbye for summer for now, and hopefully fall and winter will bring even more. 

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